When is a Permit Required?

A building permit is required to install or construct any shed or accessory building in Montgomery County. When in residential zones, accessory buildings are only permitted on lots with an established principal use. As defined in the Montgomery County Zoning Code, an accessory building may not be attached to or have direct access from the principal structure. Regardless of the structure size, it must comply with the zoning ordinance for accessory building setbacks and location. Accessory buildings are only permitted in rear yards. If an accessory building is attached to a principal structure, it is then considered an “addition” and is reviewed and inspected under different procedures. Common, simple repairs to existing structures do not require permits however, if you are replacing an existing structure you will need a demolition permit as well.

Any electrical wiring or devices supplying electricity to any accessory building must be permitted, inspected and receive final inspection approval priot to utilization.

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