Construction Engineering Job Prospects

Job prospects for construction engineers generally have a strong cyclical variation. For example, starting in 2008 – continuing until at least 2011 – job prospects have been poor due to the collapse of housing bubbles in many parts of the world. This sharply reduced demand for construction, forced construction professionals towards infrastructure construction and therefore increased the competition faced by established and new construction engineers. This increased competition, and a core reduction in quantity demand is in parallel with a possible shift in the demand for construction engineers due to the automation of many engineering tasks, overall resulting in reduced prospects for construction engineers. In early 2010 the United States construction industry had a 27% unemployment rate, this is nearly three times higher than the 9.7%[2] national average unemployment rate. The construction unemployment rate (including tradesmen) is comparable to the United States 1933 unemployment rate – the lowest point of the Great Depression – of 25%.

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